Carbon Neutral Workforce

Here at Salvation Skin, we are proudly a carbon neutral workforce.

What is a carbon-neutral workforce you say?
Imagine the carbon footprint of every staff member being offset each month. Emissions that, produced both in their professional and personal lives, are offset through tree planting initiatives and carbon offset funding. Travel (personal and business), home living, food and hobbies are all factored in to become climate positive for each employee. This is done through our partnership with Ecologi, which enables us to measure emissions that we produce, and subsequently purchase offsets of an equal amount. So far, we have been able to contribute funds towards projects such as the Peatland restoration and conservation in Indonesia and the protection of an old-growth rainforest in Peru. It is through Ecologi, that we can fund the best climate projects including renewable energy generation, forest protection, and community initiatives. This isn't a hard process to adopt, but businesses must begin to take responsibility for their actions and improve for the better. The next step for Salvation Skin will be to measure the carbon footprint of our entire supply chain so that we can accurately determine the best methods for reducing our footprint and offsetting the impact.

Join us as we explore a cleaner path to skincare. 

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