Recycle And Be Rewarded

One of the reasons we started Salvation Skin was from an overwhelming sense of unease that developed from watching brand after brand promote the latest trend or ingredient with complete disregard for the environment.

While we are a carbon neutral brand, we also know that there is always more work to be done. That is why we are introducing a closed loop scheme that will stop our packaging ending up in landfill or the ocean. 

Each order that we ship will now include a prepaid shipping label that our customers can use to return their empty (and clean) Salvation Skin products. Majority of these bottles will be sterilised and repackaged, closing the loop on what is a very wasteful beauty industry.
For the bottles that are damaged or no longer able to be repackaged, they will be packed in our Zero Waste BoxTM and sent for recycling. The Zero Waste Box system is an all-in-one recycling solution from TerraCycle®. Everything collected through the box is sorted and processed into raw materials that can be reused instead of being sent to landfill. You can read more about how these raw materials are repurposed here.

What's in it for you? Well aside from the obvious, being an upstanding human who cares for the environment and the longevity of the generations after you, each customer who returns their packaging to us using the prepaid label will receive 20% off their next order! Not bad huh?

And this is only the beginning . . .

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