Taking Skincare Back To The Basics

Curious why there are millions of skincare products out there? From toners and serums to the famous 12-step Korean skincare routine, it’s no wonder that most people find the skincare market over-saturated and quite frankly, confusing.

Speaking from a LOT of experience and research, you’ll find that the more products you use, the more irritated and stripped your skin becomes. Not only is the process expensive and time-consuming, having several products layered on top of one another means that majority of ingredients won’t even work to the best of their ability.

So, what is a simple skincare routine?When it comes to just the basics, most people should only be using a cleanser, facial oil and sunscreen. These three products are sufficient at keeping the skin clean, clear, hydrated and protected. It means that your skin has the freedom to regulate its own oil production without other products controlling it for you. The bonus is that your skin is less likely to become impacted by external irritants such as makeup, temperature, wind and sun exposure. One of our goals at Salvation Skin is to cut through all the confusion associated with skincare routines. This is done by encouraging consumers to make a more informed decision about what we should be putting on our skin and how those decisions impact the world around us.

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