Our Story . . .

We grew from the desire for clear, hydrated skin by only developing products needed for a more conscious lifestyle.

Our goal is to reduce the overconsumption that plagues the beauty industry. We say no to the 12-step skincare routine and usher in a way of living that not only lessens our environmental impact but also heroes our purest selves.

Each ingredient has been thoughtfully considered so that only the most natural and effective are included in our formulations. We also want to remain transparent with our customers which is why we disclose where our formulations are made, packaged and shipped.

This is about being accountable for the way we choose to care for our environment. It's a journey for us all to become more conscious of the products we choose to place on our skin and how those actions impact the world around us.

Join us as we explore a cleaner path to skincare.

Salvation Skin x

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